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GTMS Event Services

Special Events are our Forte! We offer Adhoc Special Event services for any occasion. Many of our customers have unique Training, or Distance Learning requirements.

GTMS partners with networks of restaurants which include private dining rooms equipped with HD video and audio delivery. You can enjoy a nice, comfortable atmosphere while eating fine dining food, and receive your training content at the same time.

You can save money on all of your training and travel expenses! In today’s economy we understand how important it is to save money.

We believe there is great value in bringing training TO your employees, and not having to pay and send your employees OUT to another facility to train. Airfare, Hotel, and Transportation costs can add up quickly. It is much more cost effective to bring the training to you and your employees.

In short, we can bring your Audio and Video Training Content to any location that you desire! GTMS also partners with Hotels, Hospitals, Conference Centers, and Event Centers in order to permanently or temporarily equip a “High End” facility that is close to your intended trainees. We understand that location is very important and can equip any number of facilities simultaneously.

If you need to communicate with multiple locations simultaneously GTMS can make that happen. We have “Portable Transmit Devices” that can be sent out and set up to ensure high quality HD audio and Video.

GTMS has the capacity to permanently or temporarily set up Audio and Video Equipment, arrange room and studio rentals, arrange catering or in house food delivery, and can create a backbone for you to send your video content.

If your presenters do not want to travel but still wish to be involved, now they can. We can set up a portable transmit studio for them at their home location! With GTMS Event Services, anything is possible!

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